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Secrets of Grief

Video Series


My recently launched video series, 10 Secrets of Grief, provides a new resource for people who are grieving. The loss may be a death or any of the other losses we face – loss of job, or relationship, or health, or a thousand others.

While grief is universal, the way we each respond is utterly particular. Each video features decisions we can make to insure that our grief journey becomes more intentional and effective.

Why listen to me?
#2: Who is the expert on your loss?
#4: Can I grieve alone?
#6: How can I get back into action?
#8:Where did God go?
#1: Must we all grieve alike?
#3: Feeling crazy?
#5: Do I have to let go?
#7: Why do my losses feel so different?
#9: How can you say there are gifts in this?
#10: How do I make sense of this loss?
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