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Lost and Found
Discovering the Hidden Gifts in Grieving

This is the book I always wished I could hand to a client, friend, or loved one who has lost someone or something irreplaceable.

For decades, we have heard an old story of stages and endless emotional suffering, the severing of loving attachments, and passive waiting for the grief to pass.

This book is different. It is a guide to the grief journey, pointing out pitfalls, turning points, and recommended paths. It is part:

memoir, with stories of my own grief journey

storytelling, on behalf of the clients and friends who have taught me so much about the diverse ways people grieve


introduction to new ideas and practices that are reshaping understanding of the wide variety of ways we experience loss, and the ways we heal


illumination of the other side of grieving – the many gifts of grace, intimacy, and connection that are usually overlooked


call to action, to decisions and daily practice

A Year of Grieving: Exploring the Seasons of the Heart

This guided journal will not correspond to the weather outside your window, but the seasons of a grieving heart. In reality, these seasons arrive when they want to, and stay as long as they need to before they give way to the next. They may cycle and recycle, never predictable or orderly.

Through my prompts, and quotes from others who grieve, you are invited to respond to explore these seasons, deepen your grief experience, and aid your healing.

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