Carolyn B Healy

It's not what life throws at you, it's how you catch it


I write for people who are facing tough challenges, which will eventually include all of us, to offer real life solutions. I write in order to:

  • Offer fresh ideas that can make all the difference

  • Reduce unnecessary suffering caused by faulty ideas and expectations

  • Convey quiet wisdom and perspective

  • Provide a nudge to take action in tough times

  • Share the belief that that we can do so much more than we imagine

  • Inject humor and attitude wherever it fits

My Backstory

I write to share what I have learned, with more people in more places.

I was two years old when my father died in a place crash...

Intelligent self-help and narrative nonfiction that includes:

  • Robust ideas that challenge conventional wisdom

  • Memoir and storytelling to illustrate those ideas in real lives

  • Imaginative approaches that inspire vision and action  

  • Search for meaning that transforms pain into wisdom

Why I Write
What I Write
I Am Careful Not To...
  • Make things simpler than they are

  • Paper over the pain that comes with loss and trauma

  • Pretend that solutions are quick or easy

Upcoming Books

Coming soon! The manuscript for Lost and Found: Discovering the Hidden Gifts in Grieving will soon be ready to go out into the world to seek a home. This will be an entirely different kind of grief book. 

Lost and Found

Discovering the Hidden Gifts in Grieving

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